If you plan to register a WeChat Official Account, there are three types for you to choose from:

  • WeChat Subscription Account
  • WeChat Service Account
  • WeChat Enterprise Account

Which one is the right choice for your business goals? Let’s take a more detailed look.

WeChat Subscription Account

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A subscription account allows account holders to publish information and distribute them to their subscribers, similar to how traditional newspapers or magazines do in the offline world.

You allowed to push one postings per day to the public, but these messages are contained in a special folder that your subscribers must click open in order to access your feed.


 WeChat Service Account

Register a WeChat Official Account - Service Account Icon

A WeChat Service account provides a lot of communication functionalities to facilitate interactions  between account owners and their followers, it is optimized for services providers, such as banks, information hotlines or a public service agencies, etc. However, you can only send out 4 public messages per month with a service account.


WeChat Enterprise Account

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An Enterprise account is primarily used for internal communications among company employees. Followers of this kind of account must be pre-approved.



Verified Account vs. Unverified Account

You can have a regular WeChat Subscription Account or Service Account and they will function just fine for most companies.

For businesses who would like to accept WeChat Pay and open a WeChat Store, they must have a verified Service Account, which requires a Chinese business license.

With a “verified” service account, you will get 9 extra API connections and the ability to accept WeChat Pay.

Things to Consider When Registering a WeChat Official Account

  • If your primary business goal is marketing and PR, or to increase brand awareness, choose WeChat Subscription Account.
  • If you would like to provide customer services via WeChat,  open a WeChat Store or to accept WeChat Pay, then a WeChat Service Account is a must.
  • If you want to use WeChat to facilitate communications inside your company and manage teams and projects, a WeChat Enterprise Account is what you need.


Examples of WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat Official Account Examples - Register a WeChat Official Account - Fei2China.com

WeChat Official Account Examples – Screen Captures


WeChat Official Account Feature Comparison

Subscription Account
Regular Service Account
Verified Service Account
Posts displayed in main message window
Posts displayed in "Subscriptions" folder
One post per day
4 Posts per month
Basic message auto responder
Self-defined menu system
9 advanced APIs
WeChat Pay


How To Register a WeChat Official Account?

Registering a WeChat Official Account requires:

  • A legal Chinese entity
  • A Chinese National ID
  • A Chinese mobile phone number
  • A Chinese bank account
  • Accessible by phone during business hours (Beijing time)

So unless you are a Chinese citizen living in China, it is very difficult, in not impossible, to successfully open a WeChat Official Account; and that is where you can rely on us.

As a trusted partner for all your Chinese marketing efforts, we can help you overcome these obstacles. If you plan on opening a WeChat Official Account, let us know by filling out the form below, we will get the process started for you immediately.

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