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Baidu PPC Advertising Setup & Management

How Baidu PPC Advertising Works

Baidu’s PPC advertising platform Phoenix Nest is the Chinese counterpart of Google’s Adwords platform.

If you have used Google Adwords before, then you already know the basic principles behind Baidu’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising platform:  You bid on keywords that are relevant to your business, when people search for these keywords, Baidu will serve up relevant ads that might interest potential customers and take them to your Chinese website.

That being said, there are many differences between Baidu and Google in terms of account setup and management, and that is where we can help.

Baidu PPC Account Setup

For most western companies who just started doing digital marketing targeting the Chinese market, setting up a Baidu PPC account can be a complicated process. However, that is no reason to be discouraged; with our help, you can get an account set up relatively pain-free, and the reward far outweigh the effort; you will get access to China’s 650 million online population in order to promote your product and services.

To help our clients, we simplified the account setup into four easy steps:

  • Submit your Chinese language website to Baidu for approval
  • Prepare and submit required supporting documents
  • Sign a Baidu PPC account opening contract
  • Set up a payment system to fund your Baidu PPC campaigns

For more information and a detailed step-by-step description of the Baidu PPC account set-up process, please refer to our blog post on Baidu PPC Adertising.our blog post on Baidu Adertising.

Baidu PPC Account Management

Effective campaign management is key to achieve the best return for your investment in pay-per-click advertising. To ensure quality, we take a standardized approach to Baidu PPC campaigns. Our services include:

1. Chinese keywords research

Keywords are what potential customer use to find relevant products and services on the internet. The quality of keywords has a direct impact on the the cost of a PPC campaign and the kind of customers it attracts.  Due diligence in keywords research is a crucial step in ensuring campaign success. Fei Marketing combines technology know-how (Baidu’s paid keyword API protocols) and cultural awareness to select the best Chinese keywords for your campaign.

2. Campaign structure and ad groups setup 

After the keywords are selected, we set up ad groups, campaign structures and program them to run according to various criteria, such as geographic locations, age groups, income levels, time of day, past web browsing behaviour etc.

3. Ads copywriting and creative design

With only 3 short lines of text, how do you catch the attention of the right kind of customer for your business and weed out the irrelevant one? Fei Marketing combine the art of professional copywriting and the science of marketing to craft high converting and high retention digital ad copies that boost your business.

4. Chinese language landing page design (Desktop & Mobile)

Attracting customers to your website is only the starting point, not the end. Fei Marketing will review or create a highly converting landing page with a clear call-to-action that turns website visitors into paying customers.

5. Link tagging in ads, on landing pages and websites

In order to monitor campaign performances, all links in your marketing and sales funnels should be properly tagged before the campaign starts. Fei Marketing will help you develop and execute a practical and effective tagging strategy.

6. Data monitoring and performance analysis

To ensure the best return for your ad spending, constant monitoring of your campaign performance is a must. We utilize multiple data analysis tools such as Google Analytics & Baidu Analytics to monitor and analyze your campaign performance and find room for improvement.

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