How China Works? I am pretty sure a lot of people in the west have asked this question, but few have had satisfying answers. That is why I have to share this excellent video series which just might provide some much needed insights.

Created by the Discovery Channel, this documentary saw host Danny Forster, an American architect, spending three months criss-crossing China, visiting cities, companies, government officials and local thought leaders, trying to find out how China works and to get some answers for questions like:

  • How does China work as a country, as a society and as a fast growing economy?
  • How does innovations thrive in China?
  • What new ideas and trends are emerging?
  • Could local innovations one day become global traditions?

Along the way, we get to witness the results of China’s amazing transformation during the past few decades and catch a glimpse of some exciting new development as they unfold in China right now. For example:

  • The ultra fast and modern high speed rail system
  • The design and construction of the new Shanghai Centre
  • The technology behind China’s most popular smartphone App – WeChat
  • Building and operating the world’s biggest machinery

Not content with only examining China from an American’s perspective, Danny also interviewed some of China’s brightest minds to uncover how things are really done in the world’s most populous country and to understand HOW CHINA WORKS.

For our readers in China, or for our western readers looking for the HD version of the above videos, you can access them here:

HD Videos: How China Works?