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We help western brands promote and expand their market reach in China and around the world.

  • Chinese search engine marketing
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  • Chinese website design & hosting
  • Chinese marketing strategy consulting
  • Chinese marketing & sales content creation

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How Do You Reach 1.3 Billion Chinese Customers Online
When Google, Facebook & Twitter Are Being Blocked?

Talk to us, we offer Chinese digital marketing services that help your business grow!

Our Services

China Insight

Research & Insights for your industry and your company in Chinese market. Finding the right marketing message and channel mix for your brand.
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Chinese Social Media

We market your brand & drive sales using Chinese social media channels such as WeChat and Weibo, as well as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.
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Chinese Advertising

Baidu PPC & display advertising. Chinese keywords research & optimization. Media buying on major Ad Exchange networks in China, including Tanx & Tencent.
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Content Localization

We create original Chinese content or adapt your English campaigns for Chinese market. We build your Chinese website and social channels.
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We analyze and optimize your websites to rank well on Chinese search engine Baidu, helping your band be discovered by Chinese customers.
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Analytics & Reporting

Advanced data planning & tagging strategy, actionable insights to help you achieve the best ROI on your Chinese marketing spendings.
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Email Marketing

Chinese language email marketing services, from list building, personalized messages to salesforce integration
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We help you build online stores & market your brand on Chinese E-Commerce platforms such as Tmall and Taobao
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About Us

Cross Cultural Digital Marketing Agency For Asia Pacific & China Market

China Digital Marketing
Our Mission

We help western businesses and organizations connect with Chinese speaking customers in China and around the world.

We strive to provide the most cutting-edge, effective and accountable China digital marketing services in the market.

China Digital Marketing - Our People
Our Strength

We are China Digital Marketing experts, bilingual in Chinese and English, with deep roots in Chinese culture; more importantly, we understand how business is run in China and help our clients bridge the gap.

We have developed a unique set of skills and digital marketing know-hows that few other western agencies can match.

China Digital Marketing - Our Culture- Canada
Our Philosophy

We embrace cultural differences, facilitate communications and build connections between markets in the east and west.

With teams in Toronto, Canada and Shanghai, China, we are well positioned to serve our clients in different time zones.

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