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Why Chinese Social Media Is Essential To Your Marketing Strategy?

There are 730 million active internet users in China, but they are out of reach for Facebook or Twitter.

Your potential Chinese customers are talking about your brand and your product, or maybe your competitors. Finding these conversations and tapping in is the first step in engaging and influencing them.

Except for these conversations aren’t happening on Facebook or Twitter, instead, they take place on WeChat and Weibo. 

By mid 2015, there are 680 million internet users in China, more than users in USA, Japan and India combined. By 2016, China’s internet population will hit 730 million, nearly double the US population in general.

80% of Chinese internet users go online with their smartphone and accessing social media sites is one of their main activities online.

Don’t expect to reach them on Facebook or Twitter though, as these services are blocked by the Great Firewall of China, which means your current social marketing strategy won’t work in China, you need to go local.

To succeed in China, western brands must engage Chinese customers on Chinese social media channels.

We Can Help.

Which Chinese Social Media Channels Should You Focus On?

WeChat, a mobile social ecosystem, is reporting 500 million active users in China alone and is growing rapidly around the globe, especially among Chinese speaking communities. It is not just a communication tool, but also a mobile commerce powerhouse, a marketing and PR platform, and customer service channel. If you can only do one thing in Chinese social media, do WeChat.

WeiBo is China’s Twitter, but has twice as many users as Twitter, and is way ahead of its western counterpart in terms of functionality.

In addition to these two, there are Youku, a video sharing site; Douban, an interest based social platform; Renren, a Facebook lookalike; and many more.

China Digital Marketing Services -

We Help You Harness The Power Of Chinese Social Media

We take care of every aspect of creating your Chinese Social Media campaigns. 

  1. Social advertising on WeChat and Weibo
  2. Setting up business / official account on WeChat and Weibo
  3. Content management and marketing on WeChat and Weibo
  4. Setting up mobile commerce on WeChat
  5. Media buying on all other social channels in China

To learn more, all you have to do is picking up the phone and contact us today, and start growing your China business.

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