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We Build Beautiful Chinese Language Websites For Your Business!

Why Building a Website for Chinese Market is Important?

To grow your brand and revenue in China, a well written and well designed Chinese language website is essential:

  • Baidu requires you to have a website for Chinese market before starting  a Baidu Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign
  • Chinese search engines such as Baidu give preference to websites constructed in simplified Chinese
  • Baidu gives higher rankings to websites with a “.cn” domain name
  • To serve as an information hub for your Chinese language social media campaigns and Email campaigns
  • Chinese customers prefer consuming content in Chinese language

Why Choose Us to Design Your Website for Chinese Market?

Simply put, we are able to combine the best web technology from the US and Canada with local Chinese culture when building websites for our clients.

At Fei Digital, our team of designers are not only well versed in the latest User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) philosophies from US and Canada, but also firmly connected with local user’s browsing behavior and preferences;  our designers are bilingual world citizens who speak both English and Chinese, and are in touch with both western and Chinese cultures.

We “think global, act local”! 

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How We Help

We take care of every aspect of creating your Chinese language websites.

From planning to content creation to web programming, we take care of it all.

All you have to do is picking up the phone and contact us today, we help grow your China business rapidly.

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