Chinese Email Marketing

Chinese Email Marketing with 1 Billion Customers

Why is Chinese Email Marketing Important?

Don’t let you messages get lost in translation!

A straight up translation of your English newsletter simply won’t cut it for Chinese audience.

Email marketing might not be the hottest thing in the digital marketing world right now, but time again, it has been proven to be one of the most cost effective communication channels with your customers and consistently provide the highest return on your marketing spending; it is no exception in China.

However, a direct translation of your English language newsletters won’t do your business any favors with Chinese customers. They demand communications that speak their language, reflect their culture and address their needs.

What We Offer

Our Email marketing experts will help you:

  • develop an opt-in strategy to build up your mailing list
  • develop email templates specifically for your Chinese business
  • create Email content that grasp Chinese customers
  • build Chinese language landing pages that convert readers to customers
  • test, dispatch and analyze email campaigns
  • provide measurement and reports for optimization of future campaigns
  • select email marketing platforms
  • set up marketing automation platforms such as Pardot or Marketo
  • integrate with your CRM systems such as
  • develop personalized and dynamic content

Email Marketing technologies we work with:

China Digital Marketing Services -

How We Help

We take care of every aspect of creating your Chinese Email Marketing campaigns. 

From channel planning to content creation to marketing automation, we take care of it all.

All you have to do is picking up the phone and contact us today, and start growing your China business.

China Digital Marketing - Our Strength
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