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Need to Translate Your English Language Website into Chinese?

Need Chinese Translation for Your Marketing & Sales Material?

To grow your brand and revenue in China, you must make sure your English messages and marketing materials are properly translated:

  • Your Chinese translation must take into account of local culture and business practices
  • Your Chinese translation must be in touch with local trends and popular expressions
  • Sometimes you need to translate the “essence” instead of mere sentences and words
  • Bad Chinese translation will confuse and turn off potential customers
  • You should never use “Google Translate” to translate your brand messages in to Chinese, it almost never works

Why Choose Our English and Chinese Translation Services?

Simply put, we are able to take the essence of your messages and translate it using the most natural Chinese expressions and local references, as if they were written in Chinese in the first place.

At Fei Digital, our team of professionally trained translators are not only well versed in the English and Chinese languages, but are also firmly connected with both Western and Chinese cultures, enabling us to provide you with highest quality of Chinese translations that will capture your target audience’s attention and convert them to paying customers with great efficiency.

We “think global, act local”! 

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How We Help

We take care of every aspect of your Chinese translation needs. 

From PR communications, sales and marketing collaterals to your website content, we take care of them all.

For smaller translation job, you can order it online in our Quick Service Shop.

For bigger translation project, all you have to do is picking up the phone or  asking for a quote online, we will help you get started in no time!

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