For Western brands who are new to digital marketing in China, the process to set up a Baidu PPC account can be quite complicated.

We have simplified the process for our clients into four steps:

1. Submit your website to Baidu for approval

Before a PPC account can be created, Baidu asks to review the websites you intend to promote. Certain industries are not allowed to advertise on Baidu, for example, gambling, adult entertainment and narcotics.

Depending on where your website is hosted, a Chinese ICP license maybe required.

In most cases, western advertisers do not need an ICP license or a .cn domain. We will help you navigate the system and find the most appropriate approach. If you need more information on this subject, please refer to this blog post on how to start a digital marketing campaign in China.

2. Prepare and submit required supporting documents

Unlike Google, Baidu asks for a certificate of incorporation as part of the account setup process. If it is in English, a Chinese translation needs to be submitted as well.

If you are an overseas company, Baidu will also ask for the website of a government agency in your country, where they can verify your business license. In addition, copy of company director’s passport and other information may be required. Once again, English and Chinese translation will be required, especially if your documents are not issued in these two languages.

3. Sign Baidu PPC account contracts

Once approved, you will need to sign a contract with Baidu. This bilingual contract (English and Chinese) will be provided by Baidu and ask you to agree to its privacy and advertising policy. You will have time to review it with your lawyer if necessary. You have ownership of this account.

Another contract is between you and Fei Digital Marketing to confirm that you authorize us to manage your PPC campaigns inside Baidu’s PPC control panel called Phoneix Nest, which is Chinese language only.

4. Set up a payment mechanism for Baidu PPC campaigns

Baidu requires a down payment to set up a PPC account, which can be used for your PPC campaigns. An account creation fee and an annual service fee will also be charged. Since Baidu only accepts Chinese RMB for account settlement, we will work with you to set up a payment mechanism most convenient for you. For more details, drop us a note, we will get in touch with you.

Final Notes

Usually it takes about 4 weeks to set up a Baidu PPC account if all documents required are readily available; during which time, we will proceed with other aspects of a typical PPC campaign, such as strategic planning and keyword selection, copywriting and landing page creation, so no time will be wasted. However, we strongly recommend to plan ahead and start the set up process as early as possible.

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