Many companies and businesses have Facebook pages and work hard to attract “Fans”. With 1.19 billion users, including 727 million daily active users, Facebook represents a huge opportunity for any businesses, but how do you engage your “fans” with your email marketing program?

1). Set up a simple email sign-up form on your Facebook. Keep it really simple to encourage sign-ups, and link it with your email automation or email marketing platform so you can grow your emailing list automatically.

2). Use special offers. Offer special promotions to your Facebook fans, but ask them to fill out the sign-up form in order to get to the details of the special offer or to get a promo code / coupon.

3). Run Sweepstakes.  To enter to win, people will have to fill out a simple sign-up form.  Link this form with your email marketing database.

4). Provide exclusive content.  For example, giving out a well written “white paper” or ebook that address some hot topics in the industries or fields you are targeting, but ask people to fill out a simple sign-up form in order to download the premium content.

Last but not least, do a lot of cross promotion among marketing channels at your disposal, for example, driving traffic to your Facebook page with email campaigns or Twitter campaigns; sharing your email marketing content on Facebook and ask “Fans” to sign up in order to receive more quality content in the future.