Submit Your Website to Baidu

Submit Your Website to Baidu


Submit your website to Baidu, China's largest search engine, for indexing. It will open up your business to 1.3 billion Chinese speaking customers.

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Do you know that Google is not accessible in China?

Do you want to open up your business to 1.3 billion potential customers? Then you must list your website on Chinese Search Engine Baidu!

Even if you only have an English language website for now, we can still submit your website to Baidu, it will be indexed and searchable by potential customers in China, and the business potential is enormous.

This is the first step towards top ranking Chinese SEO, and the added traffic will boost your Google SEO as well.

So buy this service now online, we will deliver it within 3 days!

For better results, a Chinese language website is preferred. Baidu strong prefer website in Chinese language and website hosted in China.

We can help you with translation or building a new Chinese website. All you have to do is send us a message, we will be in touch soon!

Important note:

This service gets your site included in Baidu’s database, however, you still need to do search engine optimization in order to achieve a high ranking in Baidu’s search results.

Baidu accepts and rejects website submission based on its own policy; by buying this service, you agree not to hold Fei Digital Marketing responsible for Baidu’s decisions, and you agree to pay for our services regardless of Baidu’s decisions.


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