Open a Baidu PPC Account

Open a Baidu PPC Account


We open a Baidu PPC account for your business so you can run digital advertising to reach 1.3 billion Chinese speaking customers.

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Open a Baidu PPC Account to Advertise Your Brand In China!

Do you know that Google Adwords do not work in China?

Open a Baidu PPC account so you can run digital advertising for the huge Chinese speaking market.

The procedures and requirements to open a Baidu PPC account is very different from Google’s. They can be very difficult, if not impossible to meet for foreign companies without the know-how.

We are here to help, we handle the whole account opening process, from the the first contact with Baidu to document gathering and translation, currency exchange and payment wiring; so you can focus on things you do best.

Discounts available for qualified clients. Inquire for details.

Important note: 

Additional fees to keep in mind: Baidu requires you to prepay $1000 in advertising credit and pay a small fee to open your account. For more information, check out our blog post on how to open a Baidu PPC account.



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